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Guangxi Nonferrous Recycle Metals Co.,Ltd
Guangxi Start Manganese Materials Company Limited
GuangYa Aluminium Industry
Guangyuan Aluminium Industry Company Limited
Guangzhou Juyi Steel Pipes Company Limited
Guangzhou Panyu Recycling Material Utilization Co., Ltd.
GuangZhou QiYuan Trade Company Limited
Guangzhou Shenghao Imp & Exp.Co.,Ltd
Guangzhou Worldwide Gas Springs Co., Ltd
Guangzhou Xinzhiyu Eletronic Industrial Company Limited
Guangzhou Yong Jia Long Co,Ltd
GuanYa Glass Hardware Factory
Gui Zhou Hou Sheng Chem Company Limited
Guizhou New Material Minerial Developmen
Gungho Machinery and Tools
Guole Precise Metal Co. Ltd
H & F Fastener Company Limited
Haesung Corporation
Hailong Zhang Jiagang Industry Company Limited
Hainan Jinyi New Material Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Hainan Pingze Trading Co.,Ltd. Limited
Haining Kove Bearing Co., Ltd.
Haiyan County Eastern Fasteners Co.,Ltd
Haizi Metal Company
Han Caikuan Machinery Company Limited (Jiangsu Sainty Corporation Limited)
Hanamint Corporation
Handan Fumei Machine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
Handan Xinxing Heavy Machinery Company Limited
Hangzhou Anow Microfiltration Co.,Ltd.
Hangzhou Dingsheng Industries Group Company Limited
Hangzhou DingYuan Metal Washers Co. Ltd.
Hangzhou Dming Bearing Company Limited
Hangzhou Fancy Tools Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Horer Stationery Company Limited
Hangzhou Huayu Aluminium Industry Corp
Hangzhou Huixin Metal Product Company Limited
Hangzhou Linjia Trading Company Limited
Hangzhou Metal Materials Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Office of Fuyuan Import & Export Co.
Hangzhou Starred-River Machinery Company Limited
Hangzhou Tianjie Cable Co., Ltd
Hangzhou Weigong Hardware & Tools Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Xingyi Metal Products Company Limited
Hangzhou Xinlin Home Electrical Inc
Hangzhou Xuefeng Chain Company Limited
Hangzhou Yeyi Metals & Tools Company Limited
Hangzhou Zhedong Steel Tube Products Company Limited
Hangzhou Zhonghao Technology Co.,Ltd
Hanyun Hydraulic Components Manufacturing Company Limited
Hao Weilai Jinsu Limited HK
Haqun Valve Group

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