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Longyu Cooper Co. Ltd.
Loong Incorporated
Loyalty Consulting Group
LSL Titanium Products Company Limited
Luancheng Fuli Pigments Factory
Luckyman Metals Company
Luoyang Dingding Tungsten & Molybdenum Materials Co., Ltd
Luoyang Heng-Li Bearing Company Limited
LuoYang KeWei Tungsten and Molybdenum Company Limited
Luoyang Precision Bearing Factory
Luoyang Tiben Bearing Company Limited
Luoyanng Xinxiang Corundum Company Limited
Lycores Group
Lyhy Bearings
M & M Industries Co., Ltd.
Maike Metallurgical Machinery
Mako Group
Manoir (Yanai) Industrial Co., Ltd.
Meghani Trading Company
Mei Ya Recovery Company Limited
Metal Scrap Recycle Factory
Metal Titanium Co., Ltd
Metal Wire Mesh Products Co.,Ltd.
Metallurgical International Trade Co.Lt
Mianyang Heshin Magnetic Materials Co. Ltd.
Million Link (China) Investment Limited
Minder Steel Co.
Minmetals Shaanxi
Minmetals Zhejiang International Trading Co., Ltd.
Minsheng Self Lubricating Bearings Factory
Mold China Co.,Ltd
Mowco Stainless Steel
Mudanjiang Dongxu Machinery Co., Ltd
Mudanjiang North Alloy Tools Co., Ltd.
Must Soon Trading Co.Ltd
Nanfang Stainless Steel Company Limited
Nanhai Zhonglian Metal & Electronics
Nanjing Aivis Metal Manufacturing co.,ltd
Nanjing Aivis Shelf Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Nanjing Aivis Shelve Manufacturing Co.,Ltd
Nanjing DBoom Mechanical Development Company Ltd.
Nanjing Fangzhou Metal Products Company Limited
Nanjing Jinniu Mechanical Manufacture Company Limited
Nanjing Pujiang Rare earh Alloy CO.,Ltd
Nanjing Skypro Co. Ltd.
Nanjing Southeast Copper Industry Co.,Ltd.,
Nanjing yodoly Logistics Equipment Manufactory Company.
Nanshan Light Alloy Company Limited
Nanshan Light Alloy Company Limited

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