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Nanjing Skypro Co. Ltd.
Nanjing Southeast Copper Industry Co.,Ltd.,
Nanjing yodoly Logistics Equipment Manufactory Company.
Nanshan Light Alloy Company Limited
Nanshan Light Alloy Company Limited
Nantong Americanstandard Steel Rope Co. Ltd.
Nantong Mingyuan Steel Wire Rope Co. Ltd
Nantong Wire Rope (Group) Company Limited
New Clever Hardware Factory
Nexsus (HK) Industry Development Company
Nignbo Zhonglian Fastener Manufacture
Ninbgo Fourway Company Limited
Ninbo Golbecraft Import & Export Co. Ltd
Ning Bo Xinjiang Import & Export Co.,Ltd
Ningbo East-City Recycling Resouces Company Limited
Ningbo Fanhua Precision Casting Company Limited
Ningbo Fastener Factory
Ningbo Fulian Imp & Exp Co., Ltd
Ningbo Haishu Newsky Racking Co. Ltd.
Ningbo Han-Yum Import & Export Co. Ltd.
Ningbo Innovate Valve Company Limited
Ningbo Isaiah Pneumatic Co.,Ltd
Ningbo JBP-Group
Ningbo Jiaming Gas Valve Co.Ltd
Ningbo Jiangdong Mengo Imp. & Exp. Company Limited
Ningbo Jintian Smelting Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Jiulong Machinery Manufcturing Company Limited
Ningbo KaihuaYuan Imp. & Exp. Company Limited
Ningbo Kangtai Hardware Factory
Ningbo Kingsung Industrial Trading Co., Ltd
Ningbo Leed Enterprises Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Minmetals & Machinery I & E Corporation
Ningbo Proway Tools Co. Ltd.
Ningbo Qiaopu Electric Company Limited
Ningbo Sanyang Machinery Electrical Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
Ningbo Shiyuan Import & Export Company Limited
Ningbo Shunda Machining Part Manufacturer
Ningbo Shunxin Creative Group
Ningbo Sinppa Air Tools Factory
Ningbo Successlink Co., Ltd. (China)
Ningbo Sunthai Bearing Co., Ltd
Ningbo SUP Bearing Limited
Ningbo Tianqin Imp. & Exp. Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Toptrade Imp & Exp Company Limited
Ningbo Western Valves
Ningbo Wise Industries Co Ltd
Ningbo Xianglong Metal Products Company Limited
NingBo Xiangsheng Friction Material Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Xintai Fasteners Co.,Ltd
Ningbo Xuli Metal Products Co., Ltd.
Ningbo Yibao Imp. & Exp. Company Limited

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