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China Hwun Plastic Industry Directory

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Global Treasuer Trading Co.Ltd
Global Vision Worldwide Corporation (China)
Globalbest Trading Co.,Ltd
Globe Polymers & Chemicals
Golden Cost Import & Export Company
Golden Windmill
Greatest Sino Development Co.
Green Star Trading Company
GTL Limited
Guangxi Huasu Packing Co.,Ltd.
Guangzhou Chufeng Non-Woven Products Co.,Ltd.
Guangzhou Raytech Instrument Co., Ltd.
Guangzhou Sinotech Trading Co., Ltd
Guangzhou Yackee Plastic Limited
Hangzhou Han-color Chemical Co., Ltd.
Hangzhou Shield Energy-Saving & Heat Insulating Materials Co., Ltd.
Hanjiang Plastics Made Co., Ltd
Harvest Field Trading Company Limited
Hebei Orient Rubber & Plastic Co., Ltd
Hebei Plastic Industry Company
Hefei Jinling Lic. Plastic
Heilan International
Henan Raima
Highdata International Limited
Hk Wide Tactics Enterprise Limited
Hong Fa Recycling
Hong Kong Metal Limited
Hongding Company
Huabao Co., Ltd.
Huai An Jin Hui Special Flber Company Limited
Hualong Plastics Company
Huan Cheng Plastic Dev Co., Ltd
Huilian Metals
Huisheng Group Co., Ltd.
Hull Feng International Trading Company Limited
Hunan Jiangye Electromechanical Science & Technology Corp.
Hunan Xiangwei Company Limited
Imex Inc
Intco Recycling
Ivy (Beijing) Technology Development Co., Ltd
Jiancheng Recycling Co. Ltd.
Jiangsu Baixiong Machinery Company Limited
Jiangsu Changlong Technologies Group
Jiangsu Chenlong Resource Recycling Development Co., Ltd.
Jiangsu Plastic Recycling Service
Jiangsu Skyrun Wuxi Company Limited
Jiangxi Hongtai Group Co. Ltd
Jiangyin Haida Rubber And Plastic Products Co.,Ltd.
Jiangyin Haile Chemical Fiber Co. Ltd.
Jiangyin Jiarui New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

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