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Recycling Global Organization Limited

Recycling Global Organization Limited
Recycling Global Organization Limited
Hong Kong Recycling Global Organization Limited is a green environment protecting enterprise specializing in professional waste recycling and reclamation. The company devotes itself to the recycling and treating of discarded nickel-hydrogen, nickel-cadmium and lithium ion rechargeable batteries and waste metallic materials containing nickel or cobalt, always sticks to the principle of making waste recycling sizable, resource reproduced and harmless. recycles secondary resources via advanced recycling technology, turns them into hi-tech new materials, and produces various products such as ultra fine cobalt powder, advanced battery materials, lead free welding materials and various rare metallic materials by utilizing secondary resources such as discarded batteries, nickel and cobalt, thus turning wastes into valuables. Since its establishment, the company has been following such a mode of industrial economic development as focusing on the international market Hong Kong market mainland Chinese market, and basing its basic orientation on doing international business, its market development and research center in Hong Kong and Foshan, and its production base on Rego Metals in Chaohu Anhui. The company has cooperated successively with such international famous universities as Xinshan University in Korea, and established a close cooperative relationship with Screlec Environment, a famous environmental protection organization in Europe, so as to promote global environmental protection activities jointly. The production base built at Rongjie Industrial Park in Chaohu Anhui occupies 250mu of land, having 80,000m2 of workshop area and advanced production equipment and matching facilities for treating production wastes, treating 5,000 tons of waste nickel and cobalt materials annually. We have introduced advanced domestic and foreign production equipment into our production lines, kept making technical innovation, actively carried out technical communication and cooperation, showed attention to talent cultivation, enhanced our products in constant innovation, developed our business in expansion, completed our systems in competition, and provided our customers with first class products and service. Maximizing resource utilization is the principle for development Which we advocate. The spirit of our enterprise is caring about the environment, circulating resources and repaying the society. Our business goal is to establish a green enterprise featuring strong environment protection, high efficiency and high return, so as to truly turn wastes into industrial resources.
Recycling Global Organization Limited
Foshan, Guangdong

Contact : Deng Aly
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